1. Rhain


    Firstly, I appreciate the idea of these photo shoot sessions, they are amazing. Now look at that black jersey skirt. it looks really good and it seems to go with every top in your closet. I particularly like the look of the black skirt in the photo where you combine it with a pink top. Its really wonderful of you to share.

    Kind regards

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hello Rhain, thank you for your complements.  The pink top picture is actually my favorite of the shoot.  I am really enjoying these shoots and writing up the clothing for each one.  It’s my goal to do a shoot every week until my vacation the end of March.  So far so good!  Thanks again for reading and commenting.  I really appreciate it!  RhondaLeigh

  2. Peter Glyn Squire

    Hi there, I really like the way you’ve documented through the ‘seasons’ of your outfits and that fact that you’ve styled them so well. How long have you been designing your own clothing? I made my own sleeves shirt which I’ve sewn heavy metal band patches on for every band I’ve seen (well almost). In fact, I’m gonna have to make another one! 

    I particular liked the blues that you use, it’s one of my favourite colours. Thanks so much for your post and keep up the great work 🙂



    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Peter, thanks for reading!  I don’t design the individual pieces, but I do combine the pieces to make outfits.  I rarely buy outfits put together, only pieces to go with the garments I already own.  I’ve been doing this pretty hard core since 2009 when I started working in an office, and needed to dress nice every day.  I have a lot of fun doing it!  Blue is kind of new direction for me.  I love black and I did a couple seasons of chocolate brown, but blue is my “NOW” color.  So anyway, thank you again for reading, and thank you for your comments.  RhondaLeigh

  3. Cathy

    I love the batwing cover-up blouse you have right there. The pattern looks natural and it feels like a comfortable wear for any occasion. I see that you recommend a few merchants on your site but is there a particular shop you’d recommend for good quality plus size evening wear? Looking for one for my cousin sister. Thanks.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hello Cathy, thanks for reading my post, and thanks for the complements on my clothing.  As far as evening wear is concerned, I am not much of any evening wear person.  My evening wear is pajamas!  hahaha.  The times I’ve needed a fancy dress to wear, though, I have gone to David’s Bridal.  Lane Bryant also has a great selection of dresses and pants/top combos for evening.  My other best place for evening wear would be Ross.  They will have unique pieces for less money.  

      My suggestion for a plus size capsule wardrobe would be to get one or two sequined or metallic pieces, such as a top, skirt, or leggings, and pair with what you already have.  By getting three such pieces, i could have a whole week’s worth of evening outfits by matching up what I already have.  Oh plus I would get some sequined or metallic ballet flats, my own personal choice, if I did a lot of going out. You can find a lot of these in plus size at Amazon

      Thank you again for reading and commenting on my post.  I hope the information helps you and your relatives!  RhondaLeigh  

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