1. Cathy Allen

    I agree with some of the standard “rules”, but I’ve always tried to look invisible, anyway. What it boils down to is whether or not you care what other people think. I’ve quit caring as long as I’m in comfortable day clothes. Okay, I lie – jeans are uncomfortable, but I still wear those on occasion. The part about the “high rise” pants you wrote is truth! If high rise or “mom pants” make you feel good, then wear them. They tuck in a roll, kind of like a very fashionable external girdle that looks chic.

    Okay, those are just my opinions. I’m in that awkward build that is between plus and pudgy. Flabby? Chubby? My youngest kid says I’m chubby, so I’ll go with that.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Cathy, thanks for your comments.  Now stop with the labeling yourself.  Instead of chubby, just say you’re huggable.  I agree with everything else you say.  It’s easy to stop worrying what others think, when you realize that 90% of the time, people are more worried about what others are thinking of them!  And I understand about wearing jeans; yea, they can be uncomfortable, but there’s this comfort/looks ratio that we all employ every so often.  Are we willing to go through the discomfort for the look?  If so, great, wear the jeans.  If not, there’s plenty of other types of pants and skirts out there that do the trick, right?  Oh and you are so right about the high rise pants tucking in a roll!  I LOL on that one and agree wholeheartedly.  So, Huggable Cathy, thanks for your thoughts.  You seem like  a lovely person and you should read the rest of my website.  I’m sure you will enjoy it.  RhondaLeigh

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