1. Gomer

    I was looking at the Tie Dye Asymmetric Blue T-Shirt Tunic from Lane Bryant and wondering if they can also produce a floral design or if they may have an existing one that’s floral in design. Of course, the tie dye design is great but for girls like my girlfriend who’s oversized, I think a floral design will make them look attractive especially that summer is approaching and people are going to the beaches again.

    Can you feature clothes with that design in your next review?

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Gomer!  Thanks for reading and posting a question to my page.  I would be glad to do some florals in my next photo shoot.  Hmmm, I will have to look at what I have.  I think most of my clothes are abstract prints.  Not sure I have florals!  But there’s a first time for everything and I might get some florals, now that you’ve asked for them.  Thanks again for visiting my website!  RhondaLeigh

  2. Tara

    Oh goodness. Thanks for the post! I have been so bored with my wardrobe lately and frustrated that I can’t really afford to go buy something new. I think I will dig into my stuff and try to put things together that I wouldn’t have before and see if I can freshen things up a bit. I love your pictures too by the way. You have a lot of happiness and positive energy exuding from them. 

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hello Tara, and thank you so much for your complements!  Yea, it’s funny, because I tried some pictures where I was trying to be the sexy bad a$$, and I just looked like a scared puppy.  So I went back to being my smiley old self.  I’m glad I portray happiness and positive energy, because that’s what I’m trying to do.  Thanks for pointing that out.  

      Yea, don’t be afraid to mix things up in your closet.  A couple years ago, I wouldn’t have even thought to put some of these outfits together.  Now a lot of them are my favorites.  Thanks again for reading and commenting, and let me know how your foray into your closet turns out.  And keep reading my site, because I do one of these shoots once per week!  RhondaLeigh

  3. David nelson

    Hello there,thanks for sharing this very awesome article,I must commend you as you have put a great deal of work into bring out something this spectacular and I know it would be of help to the public as it has been of help to me.These are really nice outfits and I would definitely order some of them because my mom is plused sized and you know it hard to see beautiful things that fits them…..thanks once more

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hello David, thanks for reading and commenting!  I’m so glad that this article can be of help to your mom.  Have her take a look at my entire website, because I have BUNCHES of outfits displayed, and BUNCHES of stores where she can get the clothes.  Thanks for visiting my site, and good luck to your mom!  RhondaLeigh

  4. Juliet

    Nice outfits for plus sized women. Great combinations and colors. Liked that you attached images and prices to your article and also the fact that you attached links for purchase to the wears is commendable. I also liked that you modelled the clothes yourself to showcase great outfits for plus sized women and how best to mix them. Thumbs up 

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Juliet, thank you so much for visiting my website.  And thanks for saying nice things about my photo shoot and the attached links for purchase.  I can’t always link to the exact thing, especially since my clothes are off the sale rack and I wear them for years and years.  But I try to link something similar so you can at least get the look.  I work pretty hard on these photo shoots, and it’s really nice when someone recognizes that.  So thanks again for saying those things!  I really appreciate it!  RhondaLeigh

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