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Women''s Plus Size Undergarments

We’ve come a long way, baby. I am a grandmother, but I am not that old, in my mid fifties.  But I still feel funny talking about underwear and bras. They called them “unmentionables” and that’s what we did, we didn’t mention them. Well, times have changed, ladies. Not only do we talk about our “unmentionables” but we aren’t afraid to show them to the public. With this posting, I will discuss the various types of women’s plus size undergarments, what your choices are, and where you can buy them.

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80% of Women are Wearing the Wrong Bra Size

There is nothing more important in a plus size capsule wardrobe, than a well-fitted bra.

I know in the past, it was hard for us plus size women to find well-fitted bras.  In my life, shopping for bras was impossible. You went to the Playtex isle in your local Walmart, and you shopped. But because bras are “unmentionable”, you did not ask for help, you did not try things on, and you got in and out quickly so no one saw you. (I know, I was pretty stunted about underwear!) And for me, I’ve always had a big bust (my last fitting, 52F), so there usually wasn’t ANY  bras in stock that were really my size. So I took the largest they had, like a 44DDD. Then, I went home, tried it on, basically packing my giant bust into something too small, talked myself into living with it, and that was that.

Women's Plus Size UndergarmentsThe Well-Fitting Bra

Those days are over, thank goodness! Now, there are specialty plus size stores that offer larger size bras. Not only do they carry plus size bras, but they have all the lovely panties, garter belts, and shapewear your heart desires IN YOUR SIZE. Also, now you can watch YouTube videos and participate in blogs that discuss women’s plus size undergarments, and how to measure yourself to get the correct size. I know too that some stores offer an in-store bra fitting, and carry the larger sizes in-store, and their sales people are all plus size as well, making for a very comfortable bra-buying experience.


Girdles. We have always had a love-hate relationship with our girdles. We love how we look when we wear one, but we hate how uncomfortable they are. The good news is, we don’t even call them “girdles” anymore. It’s shapewear, and it’s as comfortable as it is good looking. I am not a fan of shapewear, nor will I ever be! However, I see the benefit in certain circumstances. There is a whole variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations available, from top to bottom, from body shapers, to long leg shorts and briefs, and everything in between. And they are available in plus sizes, at just about every plus size store you can find.

Women's Plus Size UndergarmentsIntimate Lingerie and Sleepwear

We curvy girls want to look good in the bedroom too. It’s not cool to start off a sexy evening with your significant other, wearing a giant men’s t-shirt and a pair of 5x scrubs. You want lacy satin see-through and sexy. Women’s plus size lingerie was hard to find a few years ago, but that’s not the case anymore. You can find lingerie and sleepwear in plus size specialty shops and even at some bigger department stores.

Where to Get Women’s Plus Size Undergarments

Here are a few of my favorite places to get the lingerie, bras, and shapewear you need to complete your plus size capsule wardrobe.

Ashley Stewart is a great store for purchasing women’s plus size undergarments. They have everything, including bras, panties, shapewear, and sleepwear. Although I did not see bra sizes going above a 46H, I saw shapewear at size 4x.  I really like their butterfly bra line, that had extra posture support that looks really comfortable.  Ashley Steward has a video on their website along with instructions and charts on how to fit a bra.  I am looking forward to shopping at Ashley Stewart in the future.

I love Ulla Popken! . They have the big sizes, up to 56I, so it was very refreshing to be somewhere in the middle at my 52F size, instead of the outer fringes. You can look up bras according to your size, and I found 8 bras in 52F! It’s nice to have selection! They have a comprehensive bra sizing guide that uses more than measurements to determine if the bra will fit you.  I myself have not purchased women’s plus size undergarments from Ulla Popken, but I have other clothing from there that I really love, so I am willing to try them out on my next underwear purchase.

My Go-To, Amazon!

My favorite part of Amazon is that they have JMS, Hanes, Playtex, and many other brands, and you can compare them side by side with their comparison shopping tool. I have yet to order bras from Amazon, but I did order some shapewear and panties. Since I have had great luck with just about everything I have ordered from Amazon, I will try it next time I need bras.

A Place To Start

Make sure you have the proper bras, panties, shapewear, and lingerie in your plus size capsule wardrobe.

This is by no means a list of ALL the places you can look for women’s plus size undergarments. But it gives you a good starting point, and may help you find those necessary foundation garments that make all of our clothing look good. If there’s one take-away you get from this article, it’s that you can’t go wrong with having well-fitting undergarments. Women’s plus size undergarments help make your outfits fit better and therefore feel better. And that’s what we’re going for, feeling great in our plus size clothing. Thanks for reading, and ==>please comment below.<==

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  1. CohenBeckett

    I love the fact that you claim your only in the fifties in your mind despite you being a grandmother ( chuckles). That is by the way, its amazing to know that eighty percent of women actually wear the wrong bra sizes. Its now a good news to know that nowadays its now easy for plus size women to find well-fitted bras unlike in the olden days.Having the right kind of lingerie and bra sizes even makes the male spouse to always thirsty to have u especially if she knows how to get the fitted ones. Thanks so much for this informative post, it has really been helpful.

    • Rhonda

      Thanks for visiting my site!  Yup, I’m 55.  Not someone you would think would talk about underwear online.  I’m glad my information was helpful to you.  I’m assuming you are the male spouse?  So glad you kept reading instead of clicking away from it, and not being embarrassed.  Thanks again for your comment!  Rhonda 


    This is one of the most amazingly informative and expository things I have read today. Most plus size women find it difficult to share this particular discussion with a fellow woman, because they shy away from it, I really love your blogging idea by coming up with such a beautiful topic to discuss. Stumbling upon this has made me some more knowledge on undergarments. Thank you for the thorough research carried out.

    • Rhonda

      Thank you so much, Labulo, for visiting my site and commenting.  To be honest with you, it was hard for me to talk about my underwear!  hahaha But I knew if it was hard for me, it was hard for others, especially big girls like me.  So, I took a whack at it.  I’m so glad you got some good information from it.  Thanks again….Rhonda

  3. Middle fifties is young girl. We still have the groove. I like this blog because finding the fitting langerie for the plus has always proven to be a challenge, but thanks to the revolution of the online shopping.
    My case is always worsened by the fact that I’m a size 34 but my bra must be a 36DD. I battle to find a set of bra and panties. If one fits, the other doesn’t fit the way I would like.
    Having a well fitted bra and panties under that corporate look boost the confidence. One has no time for tucking breasts from time to time in a boardroom full of men, or walking at a Mall. And there’s nothing irritating as an undersize panty.

    What I’ve also noticed is that the sexiest lingerie is only available in smaller sizes, the shapes tend to change as the sizes go bigger. The same trend applies to sleeping wear.

    What is frustrating me with the online shopping is the sizes that differ from country to country.

    • Rhonda

      Thank you so much for your comments, Sandikazi! You are so right about tucking in boobs in front of a boardroom full of men. The stuff we have to do! I’m so glad you like my site. Also right about the bra and panties size matchup. I found that at Hips&Curves and at Woman Within, they have bra and panty sets that you can order the pieces separately. That way you can fit both. And Yes, on one of my other pages you will see my frustrations with Asian sizes. An Asian 3x fits around one of my arms, so forget even trying it on. Well, thanks again for reading and I appreciate your comments! RhondaLeigh

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