Standing Up to Fat Shaming – Stop It!

A recent “New Rule” video by Bill Maher triggered me. I had just written and posted my article about why I am obese, and here’s Bill Maher, (he was one of my favorite comedians. NOTE, I said WAS) fat shaming people. It made me very sad, but it also frustrated me. Here is a popular person spouting misinformed garbage about how fat people should be shamed, that shaming fat people could be one of the key solutions to American’s health care crisis. I decided that standing up to fat shaming by exposing these ignorant misinformed so-called influencers and their holier-than-thou attitudes would be a good thing to do here on my blog. So here goes:

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Recent Public Fat Shamers

Standing Up to Fat ShamingHoward Stern: “Weeks before Sam Smith took home a handful of golden prizes at the Grammy Awards, radio shock-jock Howard Stern called him a “fat ugly MF” and “effeminate,” jeering at the “Stay With Me” singer’s success and declaring him a one-hit wonder. But when Smith stood on stage to collect the Grammy for best pop vocal album, he used his moment of glory to send an important message: Cultivating a more positive relationship with his body and his weight, he was better able to channel inner authenticity into songwriting and musicianship.”  Stern has fat shamed other celebs such as Carnie Wilson, Russell Crowe, and Hugh Grant.  

Standing Up to Fat ShamingKatie Hopkins: Months after having a baby and preparing the release of her new album, Kelly Clarkson traveled across the pond, promoting Piece by Piece on a late night talk program in the U.K. But then notorious fat-shaming British media personality Katie Hopkins made Clarkson her latest target, tweeting, “Jesus, what happened to Kelly Clarkson? Did she eat all of her backing singers? Happily I have wide-screen,” among other nasty comments. Leave it to the American Idol alum and “Stronger” singer to have the final word. “I’ve just never cared what people think. It’s more if I’m happy and I’m confident and feeling good, that’s always been my thing,” she told Heat magazine. “And more so now, since having a family — I don’t seek out any other acceptance.”

Standing Up to Fat ShamingJay Mohr: The former Who’s The Boss? and Charmed star Alyssa Milano was skewered by comedian Jay Mohr for having post-baby body fat in December 2013, after Milano made an appearance at a NASCAR awards event: “It seems like she had a baby and said, ‘I don’t really give a s**t’ … I read it on her gut. … Somebody sat in the director’s chair and was not wearing Spanx and I was like, ‘Jesus Christ.'” Milano tactfully tweeted Mohr her disappointment in the joke, which elicited an apology. But in an interview soon after, she took to task anyone who feels it’s OK to make fat-shaming jokes, let alone ones that target women after they have a child.

Standing Up to Fat ShamingDonald Trump: President Donald Trump mistakenly fat-shamed one of his own supporters at his New Hampshire rally Thursday 8/15/19, but for the adoring fan, it’s already water under the bridge. That night, the target of Trump’s heckling, retired U.S. Navy man Frank Dawson, defended him, telling Fox News the president must have accidentally thought he was part of a group of protesters who showed up at the Manchester event. This is particularly shameful because Donald Trump is not exactly what you would call fit and trim. I don’t think I would be as gracious as Mr. Dawson in this case.

The Fat Shamers Get Shamed

James Cordon responds to Bill Maher’s fat shamingStanding Up to Fat Shaming in this YouTube video. Cordon really hit the nail on the head when he discussed the point that fat shaming has the opposite effect of what is intended, a “well-meaning” motivation for fat people to get with the program. It causes more anxiety, depression, and poor self-esteem, and may cause the fat person to seek comfort in the very thing that makes them fat, comfort food. I say “way to go” to James Cordon for putting old Bill in his place.

Standing Up to Fat ShamingCamila Cabello was glancing through headlines and happened to see a fat shaming headline of herself, which prompted her to write an uplifting and supportive segment for USA Today.

Cabello lamented young girls living in a world that digitally alters celebrities to the point where the girls wind up “seeking a perfection that’s not real.

“I’m writing this for girls like my little sister who are growing up on social media,” she said. “They’re constantly seeing photo-shopped, edited pictures and thinking that’s reality, and everyone’s eyes get used to seeing airbrushed bodies and airbrushed skin, and suddenly they think THAT’S the norm.”

She continued: “It isn’t. It’s fake. AND FAKE IS BECOMING THE NEW REAL. We have a completely unrealistic view of a woman’s body. Girls, cellulite is normal. Fat is normal. It’s beautiful and natural. I won’t buy into the (expletive) today!!!! Not today Satan. And I hope you don’t either.”

Standing Up to Fat Shaming‘We love Thick Nick’:  Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers appeared on a yacht during a vacation, wearing his swim trunks. He was out there just having a good time at this wife’s birthday party. Of course haters tweeted his picture with a number of fat shaming epitaphs about his “dad bod”. Twitter lit up with supportive messages about Nick, such as these: “I really wish the world would stop body shaming… like who cares if Nick Jonas has a ‘dad bod’ he is living his best life,” @Sarah_Green24 tweeted, while @vyoma1998 added: “people go through seasons where their body fluctuates. It’s NATURAL & none of your DAMN BUSINESS. There’s also this thing called getting OLDER.”

The New York Post has a bit called “Face Your Hater” where they put two people on opposite ends of an opinion and let them explain their positions to each other. The point is to get the person on the other side to see the errors in their thoughts. Here is a video of a commentor who claims he won’t date an obese Standing Up to Fat Shamingwoman:

The Trend

It really is good to see that fat shamers are being called out, and called out in such a way that they get educated about how ignorant their comments are. The really sad and shameful thing is, while I was researching this article, I found that the people that fat shamers were targeting were perfectly lovely people that didn’t look fat to me at all. If fat shamers are going after these people who aren’t fat, what do they think of people like me, 320 pounds and a size 4x? Fat shaming celebrities makes all of us feel worse about ourselves. It does’t do anyone any good, and the practice needs to be shut down, much like the celebrities above have done.

Standing Up to Fat ShamingA Message to Fat Shamers

We fat people KNOW we are fat. We KNOW what it takes to get skinny. We are all faced with physical challenges of one type of another. We fat people struggle with this EVERY DAY. The stigmas you place on fat people (that they are lazy, disgusting, stupid, and most of all ignorant about our health issues) DO NOT HELP us think, gee, I guess I do need to get fit. They make us feel worse about ourselves. They make us revert back to comforting ourselves the only way we know how: not with drugs or alcohol, but with FOOD. Your fat shaming has the OPPOSITE effect. So stop it. Consider the feelings of another person for once in your life, and also remember that but for the grace of God, you might end up fat yourself (or have some other physical issue that you are embarrassed about) and that you would not appreciate it being pointed out to you regularly in a hateful manner. Quit being a self-important health know-it-all and be nice for once.

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  1. Andy Zeus Anderson

    Why give people so much attention to moments of ignorance?  I mean what should we care for their opinions as we have our own? I personally don’t give a damned what any of these people think about my body and think you take it too seriously. The thing that matters is how we see ourselves and if we get all butt hurt every time someone in the media says something we might deem rude what does that say about our own poor self-esteem. Get over what others say as you will never beat them or shut them up. Focus instead on what you believe about yourself. I have lost 60 pounds and am still nearly 320 and have given up the need to please others. I’m getting healthy for me and me alone.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Good for you, Andy.  We stand up for racial intolerance.  We stand up for the LGBTQ community and want to see that they get fair treatment.  We stand up for the physically challenged and Americans with disabilities.  Have you ever been turned down for a job because of your weight?  Have you been refused service by people because of your weight?  Everyone says that obesity is a health issue, and it is.  Why don’t we stand up for those who are ridiculed and discriminated against because of their weight?  Do you really understand about poor self esteem and how a person overcomes that?  What about the depression that goes along with it?  Do you have any idea what that’s like?  Maybe your skin is thick, but there are plenty of others that need help with that, but won’t get it because our doctors even fat shame us  Are you now shaming people for their poor self-esteem?  I’m so happy for you that you can let it roll off you, but many people can’t.  Rhonda  

  2. Henderson

    It’s very good to see that the fat shakers are being shamed around the globe. It’s a very bad thing and they are trying to turn us to depressed people. It’s wrong and more wrong is the fact that even popular people are shaming people even up to the president. It’s very good that this is now a big trend. Thank you for a beautiful post here. I feel better about the whole thing.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Thanks Henderson.  I hope that more and more people step forward and stop this insanity.   With all of us educating people as to the reasons for obesity and the bad effects of fat shaming, perhaps we can get it to stop.  What really upsets me is the people that get fat shamed that aren’t even really fat.  That pisses me off no end!  And the only reason, as far as I can see, is to ruin a person’s self esteem.  It’s mean spirited and just wrong.  Well, I am glad you feel better about the whole thing, and I think I do too.  Thanks again for your comments!  Rhonda

  3. Aly

    This article makes many excellent points on fat shaming — basically a bullying tactic that unfortunately is something even the President feels entitled to make. It’s hard to imagine why anyone feels that it’s okay to make these public judgements on a person’s shape or size. Each person has their own journey, and it’s unfortunate that there are those who make hurtful statements like these — often without knowing what battles the individual is quietly enduring. 

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hello Aly, and thanks for reading and commenting.  Ya, it’s like bullying a person with a physical impairment.  Why on earth would you make fun of someone for something that is not their fault?  Because people don’t understand obesity and its many causes.  Even doctors fat shame, as I have been unfortunate to see first hand.  So I’m here to try to turn the tides and make people understand and learn, and above all, to have a little empathy.  Thanks again for your thoughts.  Rhonda  

  4. Kim Susko

    Thanks for your article.  It was actually a bit appalling to see it all listed in one place.  I did think it was great to also call out how fat-shamers are getting called out.  As long as people don’t call them out, they will continue, so it’s just as important to deal directly with them so they realize that their behavior is not ok.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Kim, and thank you for your comments.  I went directly to the You Tube video of Bill Maher and left my opinion of his actions, but was greeted with thousands of comments that hopefully shamed him for his actions.  I was happy to see that so many people stood up for me and my fellow big friends.  Maybe we are on the verge of learning to treat one another better.  Hope so!  Thanks again  for your sentiments!  Rhonda

  5. Jones

    This issue of fat shaming is becoming more and more rampant on the Internet and it doesn’t seem to man sense at all. People forgot the fact that we’re all created in our own unique way, I’m wonderfully made, fearfully made, beautifully made, so Its none of their damn business how I look. My sis is day and beautiful, every time she sets out for the gym, it mostly wasn’t coming from her own interest but as a result of the insults some idiots hurl on her, she started doing something she hates, she tried he Best and I always trust me she was frustrated as it wasn’t working we’ll for her, she shut her ears to whatever anyone said and she went on with her happy life.

    This unreasonable human beings called fat shamers should be put to shame themselves, mass ridicule is what they really need, a let people live their lives whichever way the wish to, face your own business and drink your wine. 

    This post is really amazing I believe it should motivate others to come against these bullies of fat shaming. I’m actually pissed right now but I’m really happy that I stumbled on this article.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi again Jones, thanks for reading my article.  I’m kind of glad you are mad, because that was the intention of the article.  If enough of us get mad and stand up to this bullying, perhaps we can change some minds.  And better still, we can get real solutions and treatments for obesity that don’t make the problem worse.  Thanks for telling us about your sister, and I hope she finds peace and begins to love herself despite what the jerks all say.  Thanks again for your comments!  Rhonda

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