Review of Roamans Angelina Tunic – For Your Plus Size Closet

Roamans Angelina Tunic

Product: Roamans Women’s Plus Size Angelina Tunic, Size 28, Animal Print (2582)

Price: $39.99 (retail from

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon

Material: 100% Rayon, crinkle crepe, imported

Length: 34″ tunic length

Care: Machine washable

My Rating: 4 out of 5


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Product Overview:

The Plus Size Angelina Tunic is Roaman’s best-selling tunic. Its U-shaped neckline, curved hem, and pin-tucking throughout give it a graceful shape on any size woman.

The Angelina is available in a boat load of colors, solids and prints, so it can be a neutral foundation piece or a character piece in your wardrobe. According to Aesthetic Official, on the tie-die prints available, “no two Angelina tunics are the same – the tie-dying process makes each top unique.”

It can be dressed up with a pencil skirt, black tights and pumps, or dressed down, worn open over a camisole, jeans, and flats or athletic shoes. It is an all-season garment, worn alone with shorts in the summer, or with a blazer or jacket and/or camisole with trousers in the cooler months.

It is made of 100% easy care crinkle rayon, which is machine washable, but I recommend you hang it up to dry. The crinkle fabric means that you don’t iron it, which is a plus.


Roamans Women’s Plus Size Angelina Tunic is available on for $39.99. At the time of this writing, Roamans was having an online sale for 40% off original priced items, plus an additional 40% off clearance items (which the animal print I chose was) so it was available for $14.99. Standard shipping was $8.99, for a total of $23.98, and I would get it in 7 business days.

I found the Roamans Women’s Plus Size Angelina Tunic on Amazon. Since I am an Amazon Prime member, I got the blouse at $15.32, plus free shipping. It will get to me in 7 days. So for me, it was worth it to get mine through Amazon.


How do I like my blouse?

I really love the colors.  The material is stretchy, which I kind of didn’t expect, but I like that.  The pin-tucks actually bring the blouse in a little at the waist, so I can wear this belted or not.   I like the fit across the shoulders and around the neckline.  However, the fit across the bust leaves a little to be desired, in that one of the buttons is straining.  That’s an easy fix, however.  Just move the button over a quarter of an inch, and we should be good.  I’m not crazy about the length; it barely hits below my big tummy.  I’m afraid if it ever gets put in the dryer, I will lose hair breadth of length.


I generally wear between size 4x and 5x.  Amazon shows that the 28W, which is what I got, is actually a size 2x, which is weird.  But because the button strained a little, they could be right about that.  It’s been my experience that Roaman’s sizes run a little small, but this kind of confused me.  Better to get it, try it on, and send it back if it doesn’t work.


I tried styling the blouse several different ways, seen below:

Roamans Angelina Tunic

A Spring or Fall outfit, with black capris , wedge heals and a cami underneath

Roamans Angelina Tunic

A Winter outfit with brown wide leg trousers, and an orange cardigan










Roamans Angelina Tunic

Here is the blouse belted with a black and brown braided leather belt with tassels

Roamans Angelina Tunic

Here is a Summer look with a short black skirt, tucked in, buttoned up without the cami

My Opinion of Roaman’s

I REALLY like Roaman’s in general. They are linked with Woman Within, which is one of my favorite stores, so they have all of my information, so I can bounce around to their linked sites without having to log in and out. Roamans has a lot of the character pieces that I like, where I can add color and pattern to my plus size capsule wardrobe. They have GREAT sales that help a girl, like me, on a budget, to get what I want to wear without breaking the bank.  They also have an awards program for even more savings.

Their website is a little slow in loading, however that might be due to my older and slower electronics. In fact, while I’ve been researching this blog post, I have had the Roamans site up, and it has not stopped churning. The real-time chat didn’t work, perhaps because of that. But again, I have a super old, super slow computer. Your mileage may vary.

Another thing that nags at me is that when I’m shopping for clothing, I don’t think of Roamans right away. I sometimes forget about them, and then once my budget is gone for the quarter, I feel disappointed that I might have missed out. I equate this to being reminded of their existence with catalogs and literature. With my other favorite stores, I get catalogs, post cards, and fliers from them on a weekly basis, whether I order or not. If Roamans would send me stuff, I might be more apt to think of them when I have clothing money to spend. There is a place on their website to order a catalog, which I have done. The other option was to opt into their email, which looked pretty easy. But I get too many emails already, so this won’t work for me. Perhaps now that I have ordered a catalog, I have remedied that situation.

My Opinion of Amazon

I REALLY love Amazon.  Their web site works great on all my electronics.  They have a HUGE variety of plus size women’s clothing for sale.  Amazon has over 30,000 results when you search for “Womens Plus Size Tunics”.  That is A LOT of choices.  I always find something I love.

However, because there are over 30K results, you have to wade through a lot of items before you get to the garments you are interested in.  Refining your search sometimes helps, but be prepared to search every which way to get results you want.  To get to the Roamans Plus Size Angelina Tunic, I lost count on how many searches I did, and once I did find a set of tunics I wanted to look at, I had to open each item up to find the length of the tunic, and in many cases it didn’t say.  So be prepared to research A LOT!

Watch out for the Asian Plus Size!  Amazon has hundreds of plus size clothing that is ASIAN.  This means that a 3x Asian item is more like a L or an XL US size.  Amazon usually warns you in the description or they will have an alternate size chart among the product picture views.

I love that Amazon keeps all my payment methods, billing addresses, and shipping addresses (shipping addresses are important to keep track of when you have a big family located all over the country).   For the most part, their shipping is great…never had any problem with their shipping of clothing.  I have never had to return anything to them, so I can’t really rate their return policy, which goes to show that the research I do pays off, because I get what I want the first time.

Overall, Amazon meets a lot of my plus size capsule wardrobe needs!


The Plus Size Angelina Tunic – My Overall Opinion

I really love this blouse, and the process it took get it, plus the easy care and versatile wear of the garment. I can’t wait to wear it to work, and to my next get-together with the family.  It is a great addition to my plus size capsule wardrobe.

Please add your reviews below, and any comments or questions you might have.


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Roamans Angelina Tunic
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    • admin

      Thank you Margaret for looking at my site and commenting. Ya, I learned about the Asian plus sizes the hard way. Hope I am giving people a good heads-up about this. Thanks again and watch this space! Much more to come. RhondaLeigh

  1. This wear seems to be comfortable and is very stylish at a good price. I am sure that many females will love to have this as a part of their wardrobe. Thanks for sharing.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Thank you Norman for visiting my site. It has been a few months since I got the blouse, and I’ve really enjoyed wearing it to work and to other events. I still really love it. Thank you for your comment! RhondaLeigh

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