1. Rodarrick

    Not being diligent and committed to my diet plan has been the number one problem I have heard and I have been criticised for it countless times due to my weight structure. Seeing this post here is really delightful as I can finally ead something that will not chastise me only based on diet alone.  Health at every size is a book I will be intrigued to  read on. Thanks so much

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi again Rodarrick!  Thanks again as always for your comments.  I really enjoyed the book.  At times I was appalled at how big business lobbies the government, so you don’t get the true health picture of what you are eating.  You get the product that was most promoted, not the healthiest.  It’s kinda scary.  But now that we know, we can try to do something about it, and let ourselves off the hook for failing at dieting.  Thank you very much, Rodarrick for visiting and commenting.  RhondaLeigh

  2. Ramos

    Finally I can read a piece about health that will not guilt trip me for not staying dedicated to my diet plans. This is a really great one for me to see here and thanks for reviewing this book, Health at every size. If for one thing, I like that this book points out that size is not  the determinant of staying healthy. Thanks

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Ramos, thank you so much for visiting my website.  I found the concepts of Health at Every Size really helped me let go of the self-loathing and the guilt.  Because it’s not our fault.  We didn’t fail at the diet, the diet failed us.  Our bodies are predisposed to resist dieting.  That’s why diets do not work.  So great, be sure to buy yourself a copy at Amazon, and thanks for reading and commenting on my post!

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