All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe – Budget Friendly, More Closet Room

All Season Plus Size Capsule WardrobeOne way to make your clothing dollar go farther, is to create an all season plus size capsule wardrobe.  You can do this with most of the clothing you already own, and by adding a few pieces that will extend your wardrobe to be worn throughout the year.  Here are my hints for creating an all season plus size capsule wardrobe.

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How to Create an All-Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

All you need for an All-Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe is a variety of clothing.

  • In all my years of living in a cold climate, it has been drummed into my head that when it’s really cold outside, you dress in layers. This concept is exactly what you use to create your all-season wardrobe.
  • My all season plus size capsule wardrobe gets most of it’s changeability through “bottoms” and the thickness of my sweaters and jackets.
  • I would consider “bottoms” to be pants, shorts, skirts, jumpers, and some dresses. These are mainly what you would change out of your wardrobe from season to season.
  • One of the completer pieces generally forgotten about in this respect is the cami. You can wear a cami under any blouse or dress for warmth. You can wear the camis alone with a completer jacket or sweater for spring and fall, and on the very hottest days of summer, a cami with a pair of shorts is ideal.
  • Your completer pieces, such as your sweaters, cardigans, blazers, ponchos, camis, vests, and scarves are the other factor in your seasonal wardrobe. You will want heavier gauge sweaters for winter, but lighter jersey material completers for spring and fall, and likely no completer piece at all for summer.
  • Don’t forget that you can wear some of your springy dresses, skirts, and jumpers with tights or leggings, and boots, and still be warm enough in winter. So many of your pieces can do double duty in that respect.
  • At times, more than one completer piece can help you stay warm in winter. Wearing a cami, a jersey cardigan, and a heavy sweater would be enough on a winter day. Take off the heavy sweater for spring and fall.

All Season Plus Size Capsule WardrobeWhy Budget Friendly?

If you are buying clothing that is only wearable for one season, you are buying a lot of clothing! When you buy an all season wardrobe, you buy a few anchor pieces that can be worn year round, and you augment your wardrobe with a few seasonal items so you have something to wear all year.

An example of this is your favorite blouse. In spring, it can be worn with a frilly skirt and ballet flats. In summer, roll up the sleeves, and wear it with shorts and sandals. In fall, wear it with your favorite blazer, trousers, and oxford shoes. In winter, pair it with your warmest flannel lined jeans and a thick sweater and scarf, and put on your snow booties. You have now expanded a spring blouse to be worn all year long. .

All Season Plus Size Capsule WardrobeWhy More Room in the Closet?

I don’t know about you, but even with my entire master bedroom closet space at my disposal, I don’t have room for four full seasons of clothing. But because I have an all-season wardrobe, I only move a few things to the back for each season. My springy dresses, skirts, and shorts get pushed back during the colder months, and my heavy sweaters, jeans, leggings and trousers get pushed back in summer. I can’t even think of any my blouses that I would categorize as seasonal. I wear them all year long.


The Pearl Gray fine gauge sweater, off the rack at Target.

All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

Here I have the sweater with black leggings, gray socks, ballet flats, and a single strand raw hide tassel belt. This is late fall, and can be a winter with my gray cardigan and snow booties.













All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

Next we have a summer look with that same gray sweater, a flowy scarf, white canvas shorts, and white mule sandals. When it gets really not, lose the scarf.




All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s the gray sweater again with black skinny jeans, socks, ballet flats, and my favorite paisley kimono. This is a late fall or early spring outfit.





The leopard print boat neck shirt with metal stud detail, bought off Walmart’s sale rack.

All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

This is a summer look with my leopard shirt, a faux button down Jersey skirt, and slip on black patent sandals.

All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

A fall or spring look can be achieved by adding the berry colored jeggings and ballet flats. Also, under the leopard shirt, I have a half slip worn like a tube top, to lengthen the look of the shirt. Make this a midwinter look with my heavy fleece black pea coat and snow booties.














All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

This is basically the look in my previous picture, but I have added my light brown hankie hem vest. Later fall, earlier spring.

All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

And here’s another summer look with the leopard shirt. I have that tube top black slip on under it, and I have added Jersey capris and black fabric slide sandals.





All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

And another fall or spring look, this time with the leopard shirt and the black maxi skirt. I have black sandals on in this picture, but you can wear your ballet flats or your snow booties for colder weather.






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The striped shirt bought off the rack at Target.

All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

Here’s the winter look with the striped shirt, a long black cami underneath, and my berry jeggings with my black snow booties. In really cold weather, throw on that thick gauge sweater or that fleece black pea coat.

All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

This one is the summer look with the striped shirt, a light brown faux button up Jersey skirt, brown ballet flats, and my grandmother’s floral scarf. For the extra hot day, lose the the scarf and wear the sandals.


All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

I have achieved a fall or spring look with the striped shirt, and I’m wearing my black maxi skirt as a tube top underneath. Add leggings, boots, and a sweater for midwinter.

All Season Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

And here is my favorite look with the striped shirt. For summer, lose the sweater and wear sandals. For winter, add leggings and boots. For spring or fall, wear it just as it is.

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In Conclusion

You can make your plus size capsule wardrobe into an all season wardrobe, with just a little thought and a few carefully chosen pieces.  Remember, the key is to dress in layers.  You will be comfortable, and you will look great!  And that is our goal, to create a

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  1. Pentrental

    I see that variety is key when creating the all season plus size capsule wardrobe. Doing double duty sounds like a great idea. I’m glad to hear that springy dresses, skirts and jumpers can be worn in winter as well by using simply a completer piece. That it’s budget friendly and creates more room in the closest are added bonuses. I’ll save your post and forward it to a couple plus sized friends, well done!

    • RhondaLeigh

      Awesome, thank you for reading and sharing my post with your plus size friends.  That’s the best thing about fashion these days, and especially about plus size fashion.  You can break all those old rules, like wearing white after Labor Day! Thank you again for your comments!  RhondaLeigh

  2. Todd Matthews

    I think it’s more of a challenge to sustain an all-season wardrobe, but I can relate a little being that I live in a hot/cold weather climate, necessitating multiple layers in the winter. However, when it comes to budget, I like to sustain my clothing as long as I can before having to invest, so I might even go with something that has a little more cost before something of cheaper price if it means the piece of clothing will last a few years. Only problem is my wardrobe is packed! 

    • RhondaLeigh

      Thank you Todd for reading and commenting.  It really is a challenge to create and maintain a capsule wardrobe, let alone an all-season one.  It takes a lot of creative thought and a lot of re-imagining.  But it does utilize the more expensive pieces, reduces their cost per wear, and I think makes them last a little longer.  You should start at the beginning of my blog and read all of the things I say about capsule wardrobes.  I think you could benefit from creating one.  Thanks again for visiting my site!  RhondaLeigh

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