Accessories for Plus Size Women – Adding Color, Texture, Pattern, and Shine

Accessories for Plus Size Women It’s time to talk about accessories for plus size women. We all love jewelry and shoes, but some of you never looked at the possibility of scarves, belts, hats, purses, and other accessories and how they make you look and feel. Plus there’s the added bonus of increasing your wardrobe choices without breaking the bank. I’m going to tell you my secrets about accessories, and hopefully inspire you to come up with an accessory strategy that fits your own plus size capsule wardrobe.

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Accessories Increase Wearability in Your Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe

Wearability is basically how many times you can wear an outfit in a given time period. If it doesn’t matter to you that you’re wearing the same pair of pants and the same shirt, then wearability is not a concern of yours. But, if you are like a lot of people, you don’t want to appear in the same outfit over and over again. Accessories can help you wear that same outfit over again by changing it up with color, texture, pattern, and shine.

Think about it. You have 15 to 20 items in your plus size capsule wardrobe. For instance, lets take your neutral blouse and your neutral pants. This is only one outfit at face value. But with accessories, you can increase wearability. You can add a scarf, or a statement necklace, or a stack of bangle bracelets, or a vest, or boots, or statement piece shoes. You have just increased the wearability of that outfit by 6. Accessories can help you wear the same clothing over and over without being bored with it, and looking like you own only one pair of pants.

Accessories for Plus Size WomenEvery Plus Size Store Has Accessories

At least I have not seen a store specializing in women’s plus size that doesn’t also have a selection of purses, shoes, belts, scarves, hats, and jewelry. I like shopping for accessories in plus size stores, because they already have the larger styles figured out for plus size women.

Accessories Make Great Gifts for Plus Size Women

If you know a plus size woman in your life, and you want to make her feel beautiful, but aren’t sure about asking her size for a dress or a blouse, just get her accessories. Other than shoes, accessories don’t have a size. If you shop in a plus size store, you will get accessories that are geared toward plus size women, so you can’t go wrong!

Shopping With Non-Plus-Size Friends

We plus size women have all been there. A shopping date with your girlfriends. Your friends have racks of clothing to choose from, but you are the only plus size gal among them. You go to the back of the store and peruse the 3 tiny racks of plus size clothing, and you don’t come up with anything to try on. It makes you feel left out, and really calls attention to how different you are from your friends.

You get looks of pitty, but your friends don’t know how to help. You don’t want to spoil their fun, so you pretend like it doesn’t matter. But inside you begin that age-old self talk about how frumpy dumpy you are, and your poor self-esteem kicks in. Suddenly you don’t want to go shopping with anyone anymore.

Accessories for Plus Size WomenWell, here’s a suggestion. Tell your girlfriends that you all can go shopping for accessories. Go to a few accessory only shops like Marie Claire or Charming Charlie, or bigger department stores like Macy’s or Dillards, and just look for scarves, purses, and jewelry. (And shoes. For some reason no one gives you grief about your shoe size the way they judge you about your dress size.) That way, you can all shop together, in the same department, and no one is left out.

Accessories Are Less Expensive

All of these aspects are possible because accessories are generally less expensive than buying whole outfits. You can get a scarf for as little as $10. By spending just $10, you can double the amount of outfits you get with your capsule wardrobe. A $10 scarf is a lovely inexpensive gift for a friend. Scarves can be found anywhere, in just about every women’s apparel store and online. And the shopping trip with the friends isn’t a costly undertaking for anyone when you are getting scarves and purses and hats.

Hints on What Accessories To Wear

Do you all remember rule #1 for plus size capsule wardrobe dressing? That’s right, DON’T FOLLOW ANYONE ELSE’S RULES! Wear what you want. However, there are some among you that want suggestions on what to, and how to wear accessories. So here goes!

  • Proportion is important. Tiny gold necklaces tend to get lost on a large woman. Better to make your jewelry large and chunky. Cuff bracelets, statement necklaces, oversize watches, and large or long dangle ear rings are what stand out the best.
  • Just because you can get away with wearing large chunky pieces does not mean you should wear them all at once. “You are not a Christmas Tree!” from RealSimple. It was Coco Chanel who said to put on all your favorite pieces, but “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” From Vogue.
  • “When putting together an outfit, pick one high-impact piece to focus attention. Wearing a statement necklace? Forgo the look-at-me earrings. Also, study the areas on your body you want to highlight or downplay. If you’re full-busted, for instance, you may want to take a pass on an ornate necklace that hits at your décolletage and instead stack one arm with pretty bracelets.” from RealSimple.Accessories for Plus Size Women
  • Belts are amazing for plus size women. (This is one item you must buy at a plus size store, because the non-plus people typically won’t have belts to fit you). Get an assortment of skinny belts of the same style, but different colors. These look really cute when you mix and match 2 or 3 at once with an outfit.
  • Also, stretch belts are fantastic because they give you the belted look without the uncomfortable-ness of a ridged belt. Wide belts with elastic backs give you the most gorgeous hourglass shape.
  • Another style is the obi belt, which is kind of a wrap belt. The obi belt gives you a corseted look while not making you look too restrained or making you look squished out of your waist band, plus obis are totally adjustable, so they fut a range of sizes.
  • If you have a round belly, sometimes wearing your belt lower, at the top of your hips help you from having the squished affect as well.
  • Pointed toe shoes make your legs look longer than rounded toe shoes.
  • Nude colored shoes also give the illusion that your legs go “all the way up” and make you look taller and slimmer.
  • Find a happy medium with your heel height. Any amount of heel makes you look taller and leaner, but heels that are too high make you walk like a brand new calf. Nothing makes your outfit look worse than not being able to walk in it.
  • Make your bags and purses proportional. Big bags look better on big women. Tiny bags look a little funny. You don’t want to look like you stole the purse of a fourth grader. Large clutches or envelop purses carried under the arm or at the hip give the illusion of a smaller waist.

My Favorite Accessories

In recent years, I have not been much of an accessory wearer. Necklaces get tangled in my hair. Bracelets snag on my long sleeve sweaters and jackets, and get caught in a crack in my desk at work. Rings are hard to get on and off with my arthritic hand swelling. Ear rings mostly irritate me, regardless of the material with which they are made.

Mostly I wear my watch and my FitBit. We talked about this right? High on the list of your plus size capsule wardrobe, is COMFORT. So I opt for the pretty beaded necklines and collar details, and skip the ear rings and bracelets, except for the really special occasions. But I love scarves, and of course I wear shoes, and I wear a belt on occasion.

My favorites are:

Accessories for Plus Size Women

Braided raw hide leather belts with tassels in black, brown, and gold from Lane Bryant.

Accessories for Plus Size Women

Jersey scarf/sash in black, chocolate brown, and navy blue.  From Amazon.










Accessories for Plus Size Women

Vests, long and short, can be tied at the waist or worn as a wrap with a belt or sash., bought at Amazon.

Accessories for Plus Size Women

Many Many Many Scarves!  From all over, mostly from Lane Bryant.











Accessories for Plus Size Women

Slide sandles in taupe and white for summer.  Bought on Amazon and Woman Within

Accessories for Plus Size Women

Cold weather booties that are thin enough to be fashionable, but keep my feet warm and dry. Bought online at Target.

Accessories for Plus Size Women

Ballet flats in brown, black, and nude.  Bought online from Target.











My favorite stores are Amazon, Target, Walmart, Ashley Stewart, Kiyonna,  and Ulla Popken

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In Conclusion:

You can wear whatever accessories make you happy. They add color, texture, pattern, and shine. The increase your outfit wearability. They show your creativity and personality. They can be practical but whimsical at the same time. They are easy to share with all our girlfriends. And they can have a dramatic effect on your everyday clothing choices. So, experiment with accessories today and take your plus size capsule wardrobe to a whole new creative level!




  1. Kae

    I just love everything about this article, thank you for sharing. I am from the UK and I don’t know if it’s the same in your part of the world, but for women who need to buy D cup and larger bras the prices are more expensive for the same designs in under a C cup. Last week, I went shopping with my mum and I picked up a really nice bra, and she noticed the price difference in the larger sizes. I had to then educate her on my experiences being a larger size cup! And, it’s literally just from having curves.  My sister is a true plus size all over and she loves fashion, I think I will pass this article on to her as she is always on the look out for pretty clothing for plus sized women. I also really like that I have stumbled across an article that is empowering and very helpful for plus sized women. I can see how overall, this can really be a confidence booster and an excuse to go shopping! Thank you.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Kae, thank you do much for commenting on my post!  Yes, in store after store, I have found the larger sizes are more expensive.  I would guess the manufacturers are concerned about the cost of more material going into a larger garment.  But I can’t help thinking that because a plus size woman truly NEEDS the product and has to buy it because she has no other choice, they raise the price…supply and demand I suppose.  It is kind of unfair.  However if enough of us call out the manufacturers, like women a few years ago called out the dry cleaners for charging women more than they charge men, we might be able to change a few minds.  And thanks for passing my article on to your sister.  Please pass on my whole site, as I’m sure she will like what I have to say about plus size clothing.  RhondaLeigh  

  2. Stacii

    Fashion, a topic that I love as I feel as if somewhere deep inside I am a fashionista at heart. There was a time in my life where I had wanted to start an online plus size store after reading and learning that people often cannot find the things they need in plus sizes. But you have opened my eyes to the creative opportunities with accessories. Also, you are right, and accessories are less expensive and it is so much easier to find something that another person will definitely like.

    I agree completely that jewelry is an amazing gift and it is so much easier to find beautiful jewelry to compliment your choice of fashion. I also love how you have created different ways to wear vests and scarves. You can go from casual to classy with just the tie of a knot. Your tips and tricks are also amazing and even though I might not be plus sized, you spoke to my soul and gave me such beautiful insight. But, I do not feel pity for my plus-sized friends because they are all beautiful to me, instead, we just know where to shop and I love shopping with them.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Thank you so much for your insights Stacii!  I’m so happy you liked what I had to say and demonstrate.  I’m not a fashionista in any sense of the word.  I just love how I feel in clothes, and I want my plus size girlfriends to feel the way I do, because it’s empowering and really helps improve your life and your attitude toward your body image.  Thanks again for reading and commenting!  RhondaLeigh

  3. Touhidur Rahman

    Hi RhondaLeigh
    This is a good article about accessories for plus size women. After reading this article I understand a lot of things about the accessories. I bought a plus size accessories from amazon for my sister but she didn’t like the colour. So if I don’t like the colour what should I do, should I order personally for me or be happy with what I have got ?
    I think this article will help the plus size women a lot for the accessories. Thanks for the article.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hello, and thank you for reading.  If I were you, I would ask your sister what she would prefer.  Or observe what her favorite colors are.  Or ask a friend of hers what your sister would like.  Or, keep the colors neutral, like black, gray, silver, or gold.  Also, if you could ask your sister what specifically she didn’t like about the color, you will get some clues from that too.  Amazon has a great return policy, so don’t be afraid to send back anything you don’t want or like.  Thanks again for reading and commenting.  RhondaLeigh

  4. Monalisha

    Hello RhondaLeigh,
    Thanks for your informative post for Plus Size Women. The article will be very helpful for my aunt because she is plus size. I appreciate that accessories increase wear ability. Accessories makes us more fashionable. My aunt all time being confused what to wear. I think this post will help her.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Thank you for reading and commenting!  Yes, please pass this information on to your aunt.  And please tell her to look at the whole website about plus size dressing, where to buy clothing, body image, and a whole lot of other things about being plus size.  Thank you again!  RhondaLeigh

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