Plus Size Designers – Are they REALLY Plus Size Designers?

Plus Size DesignersI’m fed up with designers that say they design plus size clothing or have plus size clothing available. To me, it looks like they are just putting a couple 2x or 3x on a hanger in their stores, so they can SAY they are plus size designers. I am calling B-O-L-O-G-N-A on this obvious ruse. After all, “67% of women in the U.S. wear a size 14 or above” according to Universal Standard’s Alex and Polina. So these designers will not get away with this for long. I’m here to expose these designers, and to give you names of some REAL plus size designers you will want to watch in the future!

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Popular Designers

Plus Size DesignersMichael Kors: The Michael Kors plus size collection at Macy’s was better than I imagined. They had some really cute blouses, dresses, and cropped pant suits and capris. However, sizes only go up to 3x, so no Michael Kors for me.



Plus Size DesignersCalvin Klein: Calvin Klein has a really nice collection at Macy’s. The clothing has classic lines, but unique details that make the clothing unlike anyone else’s. I particularly liked the sweatshirt hoodie dresses. But alas, once again the sizing stops at 3x. No Calvin for me.




Plus Size DesignersRalph Lauren: Macy’s also carries the Ralph Lauren plus size collection. I especially liked the swim suits, swim coverups, and jump suits. However, the dresses looked a little dowdy, because of course the models were not plus size. And, once again, only up to 3x. Nope on the Ralph Lauren.


Plus Size Designers

Levi’s: Levi’s is available at Amazon. I was most disappointed with Levi’s. They had under a hundred plus size items. Nearly all the shirts and blouses were tucked in, so you couldn’t see the length of them. They were all worn by regular models, not plus size models. Sizes on tops went only to 3x. Sizes on jeans went up to 26. However, on some jeans styles, all the larger sizes were ex-ed out, so there really wasn’t anything available for me. I didn’t really like the styles anyway, so no matter.



Plus Size DesignersTommie Hilfiger: The Tommie Hilfiger plus size collection at Macy’s was quite disappointing as well. Sizes again went only to 3x, and some items didn’t even go that high. There were very few dresses. I do however like the asymmetric colors and mismatched patterns on some blouses, which I thought was a really cute style aspect. But it didn’t do me any good because, once again there is nothing in my size.

Sportswear Designers

Plus Size DesignersNike: Available at Amazon, Nike has three plus size dresses that I would consider, and wear as tunics (you guys know how I am about shirt length and tunics!). They had sports bras, running tights, pants and shorts, and of course t shirts and jackets. However, sizes only go up to 3x, so no Nike for me.



Plus Size DesignersColumbia: I used to really like Columbia sportswear back when I was an XL, 25 years ago. Even then there were very few XLs in rack after rack of S-M-L. I am happy to see that Columbia does have some styles in 3x. However, of the 8 dresses I looked at on their main site, only 2 were available in 3x. Very disappointing.




Plus Size DesignersCabelas & Bass Pro: I used to like Cabelas and Bass Pro too. But I guess I don’t anymore. At least back when I was a 2x, Bass Pro was separate from Cabelas, and they at least had 2x sizes, where Cabela’s only sized to XL, Now, since they joined forces, clothes mainly go to 2x size, with a few T-shirt selections at 3x. I asked a sales person once what a lady could do to get clothing in her size, and she said, shop the men’s department. Gee thanks, that was helpful.


Reebok: Reebok has women’s t-shirt sizes up to 2x, and some leggings or tights in 3x size. Reebok at least has a search criteria selection where you can search by size. No Reebok for me, except for shoes.

Plus Size Designers

Champion: Champion is affiliated with Hanes and JMS, two of the lower priced plus size clothing providers that I like, so I don’t really know why Champion showed up in a “designer” search. Champion also had a size search criteria, but they also had a plus size “store” where you can look at only plus size. They don’t much in plus size, but I did find four T-shirt styles in 4X.

Real Plus Size Designers

Plus Size DesignersPremme: Premme launched their plus size clothing line in July 2017. They offer sizes 12-30. “Premme was born out of a love of fashion and the recognition that the industry is still lacking when it comes to the wants and needs of plus size women. We believe babes of all sizes deserve bold, fashion-forward statement pieces without compromise. At Premme, we think that clothing should be about expressing your personality and having fun, not feeling limited by society’s current fashion rules.”



Plus Size DesignersSydney’s Closet: For prom, wedding and other special occasions, Sydney’s Closet has designer gowns available at high-end bridal boutiques. “Look glamorous when you dress up and feel fabulous wearing a Sydney’s Closet design. Plus size special occasion dresses in sizes 14 to 40 is our specialty. It’s all we do! We’re passionate about designing dresses exclusively for teens and women with real curves to wear to once-in-a-lifetime events.


Ulla Popken: “Since 1968, we have been committed to providing high quality, fashionable clothing at great prices for women. In fact, our first store, located in Oldenburg, Germany, offered maternity clothing to expecting mothers. However, that quickly changed once the owner, Friedrich Popken, learned of the need for youthful, fashion-forward clothing for plus size ladies. So he and his wife, Ulla, set to work on building a successful clothing company that specializes in plus size apparel.” Ulla Popken provides clothing in sizes 12-38.

Plus Size Designers

Majestic Plus: Empress Tia, the proprietor of Majestic Plus, saw a need for plus size fashion as she needed larger clothing herself. She opened a plus size boutique and sells plus size clothing mostly online. Part of the profit from her clothing venture goes to helping women who are extremely obese (500-1000 lbs). These women are often on fixed incomes, and can’t afford clothing, and definitely can’t find clothing in their sizes. So, Empress Tia makes specialized clothing for these women and gives it to them free of charge. She wants to make these women feel better about themselves, and give them hope that their situation can improve. Majestic Plus provides sizes 1x through 6x.

Plus Size DesignersUniversal Standard: Alex and Polina are the designers at Universal Standard. “We wanted a size 40 to shop in the same way as a size 00 – using style as her only filter, and we wanted to be the ones to make that happen. Our goals were lofty; some may say idealistic, some may even say impossible. But we’d have to disagree. We promised each other we wouldn’t go back on our goal to break down existing barriers and give all women fashion freedom” And true to their ideal, they provide sizes 0 through 40. NOTE: What I like about Universal Standard, is they have what they call a “kit”, which is basically a starter point for a capsule wardrobe. I LOVE THAT!

Modcloth: “Here at ModCloth, we re-imagine timeless aesthetics for a modern era, creating original prints and designing unique pieces that are accessible to all. But our passion goes beyond great clothes. Since day one, we’ve championed values of female empowerment and inclusivity. We’re dedicated to serving our community by celebrating their stories and offering a full range of sizes.” Modcloth offers sizes from XXS to 4X.

Plus Size DesignersCurvy Sense: “At Curvy Sense, we know about your quest for the perfect fit. We design our clothing by taking measurements of actual plus-size women because not everyone has the same fit. The fit is number one to us, Style is on the same level. Our collection of trendy plus-size styles comes in equivalent sizes 14 – 28 (1X – 4X). Plus, all the clothing we design and manufacture are made in the USA.”

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A Few Other “Plus Size Clothing Designers” You May Want to Consider

  • Adrianna Plus
  • One A Plus
  • Karen Kane Plus
  • Lucky Brand plus
  • NYDJ plus
  • Status by Chenault Plus
  • Bagetelle Plus
  • Nic and Zoe Plus
  • Marina Rinaldi
  • Rachel Roy Plus
  • Lafayette 148 New York Plus
  • Eileen Fisher Plus
  • Good American
  • Cole Haan Plus
  • Elan Plus
  • Liverpool Plus
  • Lysse Plus
  • Cupio Plus
  • City Chic Plus
  • Beldini Plus
  • Sanctuary Curve Plus
  • Chantelle
  • Estelle Plus
  • 1 State Plus
  • Aerie American Eagle
  • Anne Klein

You can find these brands at Macy’s, Amazon, and Dillards.


There are more “plus size fashion designers” than I anticipated. The problem is that they don’t offer enough of the higher sizes to make them truly plus size fashion designers. Just because you put a couple 3x shirts out there with your rack upon rack of S-M-L, does not make you a plus size designer. Since the majority of women in the US are size 14 and over, these designers are going to have to measure up before they get left in the dust with their unpurchased racks of S-M-L clothing.


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  1. Jerimy

    Thanks for being open and normalizing plus size clothing needs. I’m a plus size man and have a lot of the same difficulties finding something that fits ‘just right.’ It’s frustrating. One would think that these companies would see the need in the marketplace and fulfill it; in the name of profits!

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Jerimy, Yes, I think it’s even harder for plus size men to find clothing they like that fits.  We women need to make more of a fuss about the men’s clothing we shop for, since we do the majority of shopping for our guys.  My husband is a 2x, so I don’t have a lot of trouble finding things for him. but I can see where you guys would have issues.  Hmmm maybe I need to research and do a post about plus size men’s clothing offerings.  Thanks for the idea!  And thanks for reading and posting!  RhondaLeigh

  2. Dave Sweney

    Thanks for pulling in the designers that really back up their claims for being a provider of plus-sized designer selections. I agree with you that there are many that just talk the talk, and when you look at what they are offering, it is disappointing. This is a market niche that has a lot of sales potential so kudos to the ones following through.

    Of the designers you have included, I have shopped with a few and so far always been happy with the selection and the prices too. I do not mind paying a bit more for something that is going to enhance the looks you present, and it is more a matter of finding just the perfect item.

    When we shop online these days, we look carefully at the reviews of the designer and also at the quality of what they are offering. If we see that what they have is only having a couple of items that do not look good, we cross them off our list of places to shop.

    Thanks for bringing up this important subject and designers either need to start listening and catering to the needs that are out there or we can vote with our wallets and go elsewhere. They either must adapt or perish.  Most of the designers you have added I would also shop with.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Dave, Thanks for commenting.  Yes, the more I looked, the more disappointed I was to find nothing available for me.  Going to stick with the REAL plus size designers and do like you said, vote with my wallet and not bother with the companies that only pay lip service.  Their loss!  Thanks again for reading and commenting!  RhondaLeigh

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