My List of Plus Size Resale Stores – Buying Second-Hand Clothing

My List of Plus Size Resale Stores

Everyone is on a budget these days. We are all making our coffee at home, buying food in bulk and cooking at home, and are car pooling or riding the bus. Because many of us are making our dollar go further, and because of concerns for the environment, there has been a surge in what is called “resale” stores, brick and mortar, and online. Here you will find my list of plus size resale stores, some sales statistics, and a list of pros and cons you may experience when buying second-hand clothing.

I wrote a short segment on resale stores, in my article about finding plus size clothing bargains. You can read that post by clicking here.

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Sales Statistics for Resale Clothing

My List of Plus Size Resale Stores

This graph shows how much the resale market has grown and is projected to grow in the future.  So this is a fairly new trend that’s growing every day.

Benefits of Buying Resale Clothing

  • The main good reason to buy resale clothing is the price. For those of us on a budget, there’s a lot of second hand, brand name clothing available.
  • You can have a bigger variety of clothing and find one-of-a-kind pieces that you wouldn’t ordinarily find in a retail outlet.
  • Buying second hand clothing is better for the environment. For one, the clothing doesn’t go straight to the landfill. For two, you don’t use the natural resources it takes to make new clothing. Buying less and reusing more help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • In some cases, where clothing has been donated and resold, such as Good Will or Salvation Army, you are putting disadvantaged people to work. People who wouldn’t fit well with the mainstream workforce often work for Good Will and Salvation Army. It’s nice to know, when you buy second hand from these stores, you are putting food on the table for someone who would otherwise go hungry.
  • Most resale venues have very strict and exacting standards. They will reject damaged clothing before it hits the sales floor. So, in most cases, you will be getting a clean, sound clothing item that is neither discolored nor stained. You can usually rely on getting a quality item.
  • Often you will find brand new items at resale stores. I have seen this phenomena, and even been guilty of donating brand new clothing, myself, in a previous life! I will buy something that is off just a little in size or style, thinking it will be OK to wear, but then I never wear it. It will go into the recycle bin with the retail tags still on it. So you might get some brand new items for really cheap!

My List of Plus Size Resale Stores

The Issues With Purchasing Resale Clothing

When buying second hand clothing, you kind of have to “get over yourself”. If you have always had new clothing and are grossed out about wearing someone else’s clothes, you just have to deal with that, plain and simple. I am the third daughter in my family, so I am used to getting hand-me-downs, thus I’ve been wearing second hand clothing most of my life. Think of it as living in an older house. There are bound to have been people living in the house before you, but you are OK with living there. Or a hotel room, where you even sleep in the same bed as others have. Once the clothing is washed, there will likely be nothing left of the previous owner anyway, so just chill out and try wearing some previously owned clothing.

  • There used to be a stigma that goes along with wearing second-hand clothes. It meant you were poor, and people looked down on you. Even Laura Ingalls Wilder pointed out that Nellie Olson’s clothing came from a missionary barrel. However, I don’t think this is the case anymore, with heavy emphasis on being environmentally friendly these days.
  • I find that there is little description available for resale items online. Some places do a great job with description, material, dimensions, and other details, but others only give the type of clothing, the size, and the price. So it’s a crap shoot if you are going to get something the fits or looks good.
  • I have this thing about not putting my clothing in the dryer. Other people aren’t so touchy about that subject and will wash and dry items regardless of garment care instructions. I’m afraid I will get the stated size of a garment, but it will have been put through the clothes dryer too many times, and the item will be several sizes smaller as a result. This has actually happened to me. Trying an item on can relieve some of that anxiousness, but if you are buying second-hand online, there often is a “no return” policy. So you might be out the money you put down for the item. That’s just a chance you have to take when buying resale clothing.

My List of Plus Size Resale Stores

Selling Clothing at Resale Stores

It’s a great idea to sell your own unwanted clothing at resale and consignment stores. If you can do that, you will be able to add money to your clothing budget.

However, as mentioned before, most resale stores have exacting standards. Clothing must be in pristine condition.

Often too, resale stores want brand name items. They will not even look at your items bought at Walmart or Target.  I learned that the hard way. I’m not a brand-name clothing buyer. When I tried to consign my clothing or send it to re-sellers, they didn’t want it. I ended up giving all of my clothing to charity, because I couldn’t sell it.

So, if you want to sell your clothing, don’t get your hopes too high. Re-sellers will take probably one piece in ten, if they take anything at all that isn’t brand-name.

Just because I had a dismal experience re-selling my clothing, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.  Many people make a good living from re-selling or consigning clothing.  So, don’t let my little issue deter you.


All that being said, here are several resale stores that I recommend.

My List of Plus Size Resale Stores

EBay has a great selection of new and resale dresses. Just put your size in the search criteria. I didn’t even get past page 3 of all the offerings in my size, and there were more than 10 pages altogether. I could shop there for hours. All were very reasonably priced.

My List of Plus Size Resale Stores

Thred Up advertises itself as the largest online consignment and thrift store. They have a plus size department, and you can search on your particular size. I did not find a whole lot of items in my size, however, And I seem to have baffled their sign-on window because I didn’t have my password saved. It was unable to send me the password reset email. This might be the issue of my elderly decrepit laptop however.

My List of Plus Size Resale Stores allows you to shop by size. I found a lot of cute dresses in my size. The concern is that many items had multiple listings. I don’t know if there really were that many of the same dress, or if they were advertising each size of the same dress, or if they were just making it look like they had more inventory then they actually had. But, like I said, even so, they had a good selection of dresses in my size, and I didn’t have to hunt through a million pictures to find them.

Here are a few more stores for you to look into yourselves. Also, see my resale finds here.

Fat Too

Urban Thick

Resell XL

Full Figure Resale

In Conclusion:

Buying resale clothing is a great way to save money and help the environment. Also, when you are weeding out garments that don’t fit well with your Plus Size Capsule Wardrobe, resale stores are a great way to empty out your unwanted clothing, and put a little money back into your clothing budget.

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  1. Ibrahim

    I have to admit I’m a little biased when it comes to second hand clothes.  I’m at goodwill all the time, but its mainly to see if I can buy something to resell.  I never look at the clothes because I personally don’t believe people want to buy second hand clothing, mainly because of the stigma like you mentioned in your article.

    This is kind of off the subject, but it will kind of make sense.  One time a fly got in our house and landed on one our drinking glasses.  It was pregnant and had it’s maggots in that glass.  My wife told me about it and I immediately wanted to throw that glass in the trash.  The problem was, we had a bunch of glasses that looked identical and she had washed all of them in the dish washer.  I had no way of knowing which glass was the “maggot” glass.  Whenever I had a drink, I could have been drinking out that one, but it was cleaned so I go over it.

    Maybe I’ll rethink that when I go back, or if I need to buy a pair of jeans, I mean, I own a washing machine so what’s the problem?  I guess I’ll have to get over buying second hand clothes as well, 

    Thanks for the article!

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hello Ibrahim, thanks for reading.  Your analogy of the fly on your drinking glass is exactly the feeling some people (myself included) have to get over to be able to wear second hand clothing.  We have to say, once the clothes are washed, what’s the big deal?  I can understand that.  I eventually got over that feeling, but have had a hard time finding my size until now (because I’ve done the search).  Now I know where to shop!  Thanks again for reading and commenting!  RhondaLeigh  

  2. Jackson kenny

    This is a really good post. I have always been one to buy second hand clothes not because I am poor like you said in the post is how people see us but that was how I was brought up and I’ve gotten used to it. I didn’t know I was helping the environment by using used clothes. It’s very nice to know that. I get my cloths mostly from eBay and they are usually just as good as new, it’s hard to tell they’re not new

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hello Jackson, and thank you for your comments.  I’m so glad that you now know you are helping the environment by getting your clothing second hand.  EBay has a lot of rules about what shape your items are in.  Sellers get “black listed” if they continually sell poor quality.  I am sure you look for the seller ratings and know you will get good merchandise.  Keep doing what you’re doing, saving money and the environment!  Thanks again, RhondaLeigh  

  3. Rob S.

    You are so right that most of us are on a budget. Clothes are so expensive and my wife can attest to the fact that puls size women’s clothes are tough to find.
    There’s nothing wrong with buying second hand clothes.These are great places to buy the clothing.
    This saves a ton of money that you can spend on other things.
    Clothes especially for plus sized women are just very expensive and this is a great option.
    What has the quality been for you of the clothes that you bought?

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Rob, and thanks for stopping by my site.  I have been really lucky, because I have not bought second hand clothing.  I have been on the receiving end!  I have several blouses, 2 pairs of shorts, and two pairs of sweat pants.  They are all part of my favorite outfits.  Yes, it’s true what you say about the expense.  My next shopping trip is to buy some of the dresses I saw while I was researching!  Thanks again for reading and commenting!  RhondaLeigh

  4. Stella

    When I was small, I used to keep money for myself . It was actually a small Money maybe like $0.10 everyday for a month. That’s around $3. When my mum, asked me what I wanted the money to be used for, I used to tell her that she should use it to buy me clothes that worth the money. Then she would buy me a reusable clothes. I always take the cloth to some beggers that needed clothes more than me because of their exposure to a harsh weather conditions. Most time I also included the clothes am no longer using. When I grew up and realized what I was doing, I was so surprised that I knew what it takes to cloth people and my mum was very proud of me for that.
    I understand quite well that budget make many people purchase a used clothes but they don’t realize how they are providing help for those people that needed to put food on their table just by selling their used clothes because of recession. Not only that, the environment is also favored because clothes will not be flying around leaving the environment littered.

    • RhondaLeigh

      Hi Stella, thank you so much for sharing your story.  It is a huge help to people in need when you donate your clothing.  Not only do you clothe people in need, but you provide a living for the people who are processing your clothing.  It makes great economic sense as well.  It is a great feeling to give back!  Thank you again for visiting my site and commenting.  Rhonda

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